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Q: What does Welleslian do?

A: Welleslian International offers a wide range of services including web page and CD-ROM design, construction, hosting, and translation. We also help you apply and set up your Internet access including ftp, e-mail, virtual hosting and domain name registration.

Furthermore, we specialize in English-Chinese and Chinese-English translation services. Web pages can also be designed in English and/or Chinese.


Q: What sets us apart?

A: Our Friendly staff is service oriented and dedicated to producing top quality work at affordable prices.

When it comes to the things we do, we have some of the best talent around. Combine this with our friendly service and affordable prices, you get excellent value.


Q: What is the bottom line?

A: Welleslian International will help you establish a professional and effective web site and/or CD-ROM to suit all your needs. We want to be your business partner of choice!


Q: Why should I get a web site?

A: The web has evolved into the most efficient and cost-effective means of marketing available for businesses today. With over 40 million users, the Internet is the ideal medium for advertising and providing information to a continually growing audience.


Q: What are some common uses of a web site?

A: Many businesses use their sites to list information such as product catalogues, product information, company news, press releases, etc. Also, a web site can be used to conduct business by using interactive online surveys, tutorials, and order/reservation/application forms that can allow customers to order products or request information 24 hours a day. This can dramatically decrease your operation costs (such as telephone and fax expenses, mail�etc).


Q: How can Welleslian International help me?

A: Welleslian International can provide you with as much help as you need. With our team of designers and programmers, we can build a web site or CD-ROM that will achieve your company�s goals. Layout, graphics, programming - we can do it all. Alternatively, if you just want to improve the look or functionality of your web site, have some pages translated into Chinese, or need some place to host it, we can do that as well. Our goal is to help you create an effective web site that leaves a lasting impression.


Q: Do you offer dial-up Internet access?

A: No, you will need to use an Internet Service Provider (ISP) to gain dial-up access to the Internet. However, if you do not have the time to research into which ISP is best for you, we can do that for you, help you apply for your account and set it up for you.


Q: How can I update my web-site?

A: You can access your web site 24 hours a day via FTP. If you need assistance in updating your site with new information, you can contact us and we can do that for you.


Q: How do I sign up?

A: Simply contact us via e-mail () or phone () informing us of your needs.


Q: What are your payment plans?

A: We have the flexibility to customize payment plans to what suits our customers best. We accept credit cards, checks and money orders.


Common questions relating to web site set up:


Do I need an Internet dial-up account in order to have a web site?

It is not necessary if you do not require Internet access yourself. However, in most cases you may already have a dial-up account for access to the Internet and e-mailing. Some ISPs charge dial-up account and the virtual hosting services separately. This means that you may stick with your current ISP for the dial-up account while having your web site hosted in a separate ISP. Others offer a package including a dial-up account and virtual hosting service at one price. Fees are charged on a monthly basis. There is usually a set up fee for the dial-up account. You can also update your web site using the ftp facility through your Internet dial-up account.


What is a Customized Domain Name?

You must have a registered domain name to take advantage of Virtual Hosting, or a dedicated connection. The main benefit of this is that you can receive mail at instead of . Your domain belongs to you. This can be used as a method of advertisement every time you interact on the Internet.


What is the cost of maintaining a Virtual Domain?

InterNIC Registration fee is US$100 for the first two years and US$50 per year after the first two years and is billed directly to you. Different ISPs charge different amounts for the Virtual Host Set Up and Domain Name registration. You will be charged for a monthly Virtual Hosting fee by the your ISP ranging from $45 to $140 per month. Please see the Price Comparison Table or ask our staff for details.


What are Aliases?

If you do not need a customized domain name for some reasons, you may consider Aliases as a cheaper alternative for web site maintenance. Welleslian will provide you a space in our own server. Your web site address will look like this: ../~yourcompany. You will eliminate the cost of InterNIC Registration and cut the monthly Home Page hosting fee to about $30. Welleslian allows 2MB disk space and 50 MB traffic.


What can I put into my web site?

A web-site provides a fixed allocation of permanent disk storage associated with an individual user�s dial account and contains an unlimited number of hypertext links to other Web locations. Your web site is formed by many pages of information, connected to each other by hyperlinks. The information can contain text, graphics, sound, video and hypertext. What and how much information you can put into your web site depends very much on the disk space and traffic size allowed by the ISP. The storage space available and traffic size varies from ISP to ISP. It ranges from 1 MB to 10 MB for disk space and 40 MB to 250 MB for traffic size. ISP usually charge extra for additional traffic and on-line storage.