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Three English Version Databases -
CECDB, CSI and Who's Who

Wanfang Data Corporation is highly recognized as being a leading edge manufacturer and provider of Chinese information databases covering industrial, commercial, scientific and technical fields. Founded in 1993 and supported by the Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (ISTIC), Wanfang Data has already developed ten databases, among which CECDB, CSI and Who's Who contain English versions.

Chinese Enterprises and Companies Database (CECDB)

CECDB is the most authoritative source of comprehensive information about Chinese manufactures factories and trading companies.

Each record of CECDB contains reference and financial information, including company name, address, telephone & fax numbers, volume of sales, profits, assets, exports, number of employees, product information, U.S. Standard industrial Classification(SIC) codes for products.

CECDB is a unique source of Chinese industry and company information. It is mainly of interest to banking and financial institutions wishing to research Chinese markets and in developing business contacts with Chinese enterprises. 25,000 records of profile information on top manufactures and trading companies in China selected from CECDB have been loaded into Dialog System to provide publicly accessible information throughout the world.

CECDB is a database which provides very detailed business information of 80,000 Chinese enterprises and companies in English and 150,000 in Chinese. It covers over 90% of Chinese larger-sized manufacturers and trading companies and is updated biannually.
To answer promptly "Who supplies What" in the Chinese market.
To search information by product, brand4 organization, organization type, SIC code, locality, keywords and to print this out in any forms you like.
PC and LAN versions, DOS and Windows software, CD-ROM and diskette.
  • PC Version - US$500
  • LAN Version - US$700
  • Upgrade PC Version - US$210
  • Upgrade LAN Version - US$350
  • A SAMPLE RECORD (* is the searchable field)
    *Name: China Nature Group Corp.
    ABBR: Nature Group
    ADD: 31 Jiaogong Rd., HangZhou, China
    Post Code: 310012
    *Director: Song Xiaochun
    Year Founded: June 1994
    *Registered Capital: 350 million RMB
    *Fixed Assets: 400 million RMB
    *Employees: 3500
    *Output Value: 400 million RMB
    *Sales: 300 million RMB
    Foreign Currency Earning: 3 million USD
    *I/E license: Yes
    *Ownership or Grade: Large-sized
    Stock-listed: Joint-Venture with U.S.A., H.K., Japan, Taiwan
    *Organization Type: E, C
  • CD-ROM (6 mil. pcs/yr.)
  • Cassette Video Tape (E-15~195)
  • Cassette Audio Tape (E-15~60)
  • PET film (12-60ยต 20mil. ton/yr)
  • Background & subsidiary: (Omitted)
    *Keywords & SIC code: (Omitted)

    Chinese Scientific Institutions Database (CSI)

    The capacity of '96 CSI has reached 15 Mb with around 8 thousand records of Institutions in scientific research, technical development and engineering design.

    FIELDS COVERED: Biology, medicine and health, agriculture and forestry, mining and metallurgy, petroleum, chemical industry, machinery, electronics, instruments, energy, automation, textile and light industry, construction and building materials, transportation, environmental protection.

    RECORD ITEMS INCLUDED: Name, Director, Address, Telephone and Fax Numbers, the Founded Year, Amount of Researchers, Research Fields, S&T Achievements, Awards, Products, Publications, etc.

    CIS 97 CD-ROM:
  • PC Version - US$900
  • LAN Version - US$1,500
  • Upgrade PC Version - US$450
  • Upgrade LAN Version - US$750
  • China's Who's Who in Science and Technology

    Who's Who in S&T includes comprehensive information on about four thousand famous scientists, engineers and people in charge of S&T policy-making and management.


  • Academicians of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the Chinese Academy of Engineering.
  • Persons in charge and leading research in major scientific institutions in China.
  • The winners of the first prize in S& T.
  • Persons in charge of national key laboratories, leading researchers on national 863 S&T key tasks and others.
  • Persons in charge and well-known professors of key colleges and universities.
  • Persons in charge of the China Association of S&T and its societies.
  • Persons in charge of S&T in key enterprises and companies of China.

    RECORD ITEMS INCLUDED: Name, Title, Personal Information (Birth Date, Birth Place, Major Field, Foreign Languages, Contact Address, Phone & Fax Numbers), Present Position, Education and Working Background, Posts in Academic and Social Organizations, Research and Managing Achievements, Honours, Main Publications.

    "WHO'S WHO" 97 CD-ROM:
  • PC Version - US$600
  • LAN Version - US$1,000
  • Upgrade PC Version - US$300
  • Upgrade LAN Version - US$500