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Dear Internet User,

Welcome to WELLESLIAN INTERNATIONAL INFORMATION INC. (WII). We are an established Information Technology (IT) firm based in Canada. Formed by a dedicated team of IT & marketing specialists, we provide exceptional Internet & multimedia software development services to a variety of corporate clients. Our drive for innovation along with our industry experience generates our formula for success!

With over 40 million Internet users world-wide, many companies are establishing themselves on the Net for greater exposure. A web-site is THE marketing means of the 90s and beyond! See 20 good reasons to put your business on the Internet!

Web-site development, server set-up & installation are our areas of specialization.

In addition to this, we are highly skilled in translating web-sites from English to Chinese and vice-versa. If one of your target audiences is Chinese or China related, the translation of your web-site from English to Chinese can greatly enhance its advertising potential!

Furthermore, we also create and translate multimedia CD-ROMs, diskettes, brochures, and other printed materials to promote awareness for your firm and to better serve your customers' needs.

Now, please visit Dragon Tour - our site dedicated to the Travel & Tourism industry in China.

Happy Surfing

President of WII Canada.